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Wantage, Oxfordshire, is a town taking on a new lease of life in many ways.

Established artist, Jane Vaux, has returned to her roots in Oxfordshire after having spent seven years in Devon. Here she established a large group of students who exhibited and painted with joy –  from complete beginners onwards.  Happily she has been able to reconstruct the same enthusiasm in local people to Wantage – and has therefore re-established the art group under the original name of GIAG.  This stands for no more than – give it a go!!!!! Jane has learnt that if she can give her students the confidence and encouragement to give it a go – their creativity flourishes under their own steam with a gentle input from her – and as a result not only are they, but their exhibitions, received with great praise of the standard they achieve.  This is a great way to encourage the local art scene – and give people the chance to buy original art.  It is something we have too little of now, Jane believes, because of the art market being saturated by publishing company prints (she does not say there is not a place for these, but wants people to learn the difference of what they are buying with original art!)

As a result, Jane has secured a show area at the King Alfred’s head in Wantage – there is a glass room on the outside of the pub that is used to show her students art regularly (it is available to purchase by either calling jane – or asking in the pub itself so you can view closer!). The GIAG group of students are aiming to hold an exhibition in this place a number of times a year – students will man the Saturday and Sunday’s day times (dates to be advertised in the window) – and have the room open for people to come in and chat, look closer and buy! The prices are extremely competitive with any other art you could buy (even prints) because of the nature of the student base they are produced by.  Jane’s work may also have a small space!!!

Our next exhibition date is yet to be confirmed; but there will always be work to look at in that space.  We would love to encourage anyone to look at and become interested in original art of a good standard.

If you have any queries, please contact Jane on 07990808509.

Jane Vaux

About Jane Vaux

My work varies from quite realistic depictions to abstract. My style is a freestyle that can scan the broad range of subjects I like to work with. I am always keen to incorporate light and movement as much as possible, and enjoy using texture within my work. Read More...

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