The Brill Community

Established artist Jane Vaux has voluntarily offered her support to the children and staff at Brill school near Thame, to create a large piece of art for the school, to link in with the already successful Art on the Hill event held from the 15th – 17th April, this year.

Jane has been involved in projects like this before, and is looking forward to working with the children at this fabulous school.  The theme is ‘The Brill Community’ and will involve every child within the school.  Jane is keen to share some of her experience as an artist with the children, encouraging them that in creativity of this kind, there are no ‘right or wrongs’ – all art is exciting and will be appreciated by someone, somewhere! It is a lesson all artists have to learn – that the appreciation of art is varied and can be surprising, but the joy of creating it is one open to every one.

The project will be taking place on various Fridays in January, February and March to enable completion of the project before April.  Once completed it will be hung in one of the main areas of the school for all to see!

Jane will also be putting some of her own work on show for the exhibition dates.

Jane Vaux

About Jane Vaux

My work varies from quite realistic depictions to abstract. My style is a freestyle that can scan the broad range of subjects I like to work with. I am always keen to incorporate light and movement as much as possible, and enjoy using texture within my work. Read More...

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