The GIAG Group of Artists

This group of student artists has been created by Jane Vaux, initially in Devon, and now in Oxfordshire. The name of the group means – Give It A Go! Students who come to explore their creative talents with jane, are encouraged to develop their skills and style individually, and therefore the group show a diversity as they develop. The only request that jane asks of them is that they ‘give it a go’!!! Janes students can be from complete beginners, through to practicing artists. She enables her students to gain confidence in their abilities through her small, friendly, unthreatening classes in her own home.

Jane is extremely proud of the achievements the group attain in a short space of time, and the fun they have in doing so. Therefore, she is pleased to encourage them by showing their work alongside her own at King Alfred’s Head in Wantage – in the glass room.

Jane Vaux

About Jane Vaux

My work varies from quite realistic depictions to abstract. My style is a freestyle that can scan the broad range of subjects I like to work with. I am always keen to incorporate light and movement as much as possible, and enjoy using texture within my work. Read More...

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